Since its inception in 2012, No Fixed Address has brought hundreds of people together every year to raise awareness and funds for the work of the YWCA Niagara Region.

No Fixed Address is an experience more than it is an event. It educates participants about homelessness in Niagara, especially the kind that is hidden - people surfing couches, living out of a motel or even out of their car. Participants are challenged to spend the night living out of their car, an experience that stays with them often for weeks and months or even a life-time. You will walk away with a new perspective and wanting to do more for those who need your support and voice in our community.

Whether you join us as a group of friends, a work team, a sports team, a church group or a family, it is a great bonding experience and will stretch you in upexpected ways. Are you up for the challenge?

All of the money raised goes directly towards the YWCA Niagara Region, an organization that provides food, shelter and programming to homeless women and families all across the Niagara region. For more information about the YWCA Niagara Region and its programs visit

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