Friday, June 8 to Saturday, June 9, 2018 Gates open at 9am but the event runs from 10am-10am.
General Motors: 570 Glendale Avenue, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7B3
We encourage all of our participants to raise a minimum of $100. You can fundraise online, or you can bring your donations with you to the event.
Participants are welcome to register with a team or as an individual. When you register you have to pledge to raise $100.
Nope! If you do not wish to sign up online, you can call us at 905-988-3528 x3241 or email us at

Yes, but there are a limited amount of parking spaces available. Avoid disappointment, register early to guarantee your spot!

The easiest way is to register online, then direct potential sponsors to your donation page. You can also email your contacts from your fundraising page, and let them know you`re participating. If you prefer, you can also use our pledge form and bring it to the event the day of NFA.

Download the pledge form here.

You have three options:

1) You can send them directly to the YWCA to 183 King Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3J5

2) Bring your offline pledges with you to NFA and submit them at the registration table or

3) Enter them online. To do this click the "Fundraising" tab on your dashboard. Then, from the fundraising menu on the left hand side click "Manage Cash or Check" and this will bring up a form to fill in with the donation information. Once you have completed this step click “Add Donation” and follow the directions provided.

All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt. Tax receipts are valid for Canadian residents only.
Click on "Donate" on the upper left corner of the page and make a general donation to the event or to a specific team or participant.
An opportunity for a life changing event! You will also be provided with lunch Friday afternoon, dinner Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning. Just a reminder, you will be living out of your car and will not have the opportunity for fine dining. Your meals will reflect a convenience store style which may not leave you entirely satisfied. You will also receive a No Fixed Address t-shirt and access to all of the programs throughout the 24 hours.
When you log in to your personal profile your “Dashboard” will show up. On your Dashboard there is a “Share this page” menu on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Clicking on the social icons will open a window that gives you the option to tweet or post a pre-written message with the link bringing people to your personal page.
Get Social gives you the ability to post status updates about your progress on Facebook and create a personal fundraising page within Facebook. Within this fundraising page, your “Friendship Powered Fundraising” page, your Facebook friends are able to make a secure donation to your cause directly within Facebook.

First, login to your online profile using the login information you used when registering for NFA. Once logged in, you will see a shaded box on the left saying; “Associate your existing account with your Facebook account so you can login with Facebook the next time you come back”. Click “Connect” and login to your Facebook Account, granting access to your personal profile. Once connected you are able to use “Friendship Powered Fundraising”, post messages on Facebook, and create statuses about your goals.

On your Dashboard there will be a heading entitled “Personal Facebook Page” there is a link underneath this heading to “Get Social.” Clicking on this link will lead you to the page “Create a Facebook Fundraising Page”. From here there it is easy to follow steps that lead you through the remainder of the connection process.

Friendship Powered Fundraising is an online tool allowing participants to use their Facebook account to fund raise for No Fixed Address. Through Friendship Powered Fundraising participants are able to appeal to their friends on Facebook for donations without ever having to leave the social media site they are already comfortable on.
Once logged in to your NFA dashboard, under your “Fundraising Menu” click “Get Sponsors” on the left side. Scroll to the bottom. Click on the "Get Social/Share Your Page" button to share a post on Facebook, directing friends to your Friendship Powered Fundraising Page. To see your Facebook Fundraising Page: 1. Open a new window/Tab. 2. Login to your Facebook account. 3. Go to your Facebook wall and see your post there with a clickable link that will take you to your Friendship Powered Fundraising page. Clicking “donate now” will take you to an easy to fill out donation form.
Yes! All donor information is kept within the NFA database and is NOT shared with Facebook. Facebook simply hosts the service but does not have access to donor’s information.

We are not trying to simulate the experience of homelessness. A variety of activities are planned throughout the day to raise awareness of poverty and to challenge the misconceptions related to it. The day will involve speaks by people who have lived in poverty as well as fun and games - all to help you gain a greater understanding for the issue of poverty and homelessness. There will be live music as well as a movie for you to wind down at the end of the day. Click here for a detailed schedule of the day!

Your signed registration form, release form and your pledge envelope, our goal is to have each participant gather at least $100 in sponsorships. Whatever you need to sleep in your car including sleeping bags and pillows. Port-o-potties with a hand-washing station will be available, but there will be no showers or extra rooms for changing. You will also want to bring a chair, umbrella, and flashlight. Feel free to bring items such as water guns for the kids, as there will be water on-site. Also, there will be yoga Saturday morning. Please bring a mat if you would like.
There will be a soup kitchen inspired lunch and a BBQ diner. Fruit, snacks and water will offered throughout the day, but feel free to bring your own if you'd prefer. You may want to bring your own if you are concerned, as we cannot guarantee complete isolation, due to the nature of the event.
All minors, under the age of 18, will need to be accompanied by either a parent, guardian, or group chaperon for each car. Youth groups will need to have chaperons to monitor their group. All underage participants also must have their parents sign their registration release form in order to attend the event.

Volunteers are critical to this event and we would love to have you volunteer as well as attend. If you would like to register as a volunteer, fill out this form, or contact the Volunteer Chair Allison Pillwein at email